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Raise startup capital quickly. Raising startup funding from friends and family is the number one resource startup founders engage to get their ventures off the ground. This guide details all of the common friends and family funding structures, including simple loans, profit sharing agreements, equity deals, and convertible notes. Structure deals correctly. Getting the money in the bank is a big step, but doing it the right way matters even more. This book provides easy to follow guidance for choosing and documenting the best funding structures for both your startup and your funding partners. As an added bonus, a promissory loan example is provided, with blow by blow details of each clause. Hone your Friends and Family pitch. Additional sections provide concise information to help you prepare a compelling funding pitch, as well as explaining how to document your estimations of the market and financial feasibility of your early-stage startup. Founder's Pocket Guide: Friends and Family Funding guides founders through topics such as: • Structuring a simple startup loan with friends and family lenders. • Using convertible debt to entice friends and family to invest in your startup. • Learning the most important considerations for issuing stock to friends or family members. • Understanding the legal limits of raising startup capital from friends and family. • Keeping early funding rounds clean for later stage investors such as angels and VCs. • Using profit sharing to rewarding...
Emma Page Family and Friends emma page family and friends
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